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The Laboratory of Applied Mathematics is a part of the School of Science and Technology of the Hellenic Open University. The physical space of the laboratory is located in the building at 13-15 Tsamadou Street in Patras. The workshop aims to:

  1. conducting a high level of interdisciplinary research on Mathematics, highlighting the functional relationships between Mathematical, Physical and Biomedical Sciences and Technology,
  2. the development and enhancement of educational work offered in the area of Mathematics,
  3. the development of novel methods and techniques for disseminating results to society.

The research activities supported by the Laboratory concern a wide range of Mathematics and Informatics with emphasis on the development of mathematical and computational techniques for the modeling and simulation of natural complexes, mainly biological systems. The main scientific and technological branches that constitute the laboratory's know-how are Biomechanics and Bioinformatics, which focus on the study of the structure and function of human biological systems through the methods of engineering, mathematical analysis and numerical methods.